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Find a remote job you love while we research the companies for you
Compare companies based on our extensive analysis of 38 parameters. Then find a remote job at a company you love.
We built a job board on steroids that analyses remote companies on 38 parameters.

Researching companies when you're job hunting is an absolute PAIN. It takes so much time & energy & yet you you're never sure if it’s a great remote company to work for.

Well, NO MORE.

Presenting REWORKED:
- Detailed ranking & analysis of companies across 38 parameters
- All in a simple, intuitive & fresh interface

Let us research the companies for you. Save your time & energy for actual interviews!

We have an extensive analysis of companies across 38 parameters so that you know:
- whether a company truly hires globally
- how long & how effectively have they been working remotely
- what kind of remote perks do they offer
- what kind of remote culture do they have
- and much more!

Don’t just apply for a job anymore. Find a company you would love to work for.