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Afternoons Are the New Rush Hour in the Suburbs

Suburban afternoon traffic is heavier now than it was before Covid-19, as people working from home hop in the car more often to shop, run errands or pick up the kids.


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    Interesting article!! Do you think that people are getting more done and are being more productive working from home so they then have the afternoon to run errands and pick up kids from school?

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      Yes, I think remote work has given people more flexibility in their daily lives. People can now do their chores and run errands which were not possible earlier in a fixed 9-5 schedule.

      In terms of productivity, multiple reports say that productivity has increased while working remotely but I doubt that it would be the reason to run errands in the afternoon.

      I believe it is more about remote workers maintaining a balance between their work and personal lives, while being able to provide great work outcomes.

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        Interesting.  I notice my virtual coworking afternoon session from 1:00 - 2:30 is really popular. I think many of my clients like that time so that they get a bunch done before heading out to pick-up kids and run errands.  And some are aiming to finish their day at that time as well because they have gained a few extra hours each day by no longer commuting (we are still in lockdown here in Calgary AB) .

        Either way, large studies indicate an increase in productivity for those who have autonomy about where and when they work.  I see anecdotal evidence of that with my client base too.

        I personally love the flexibility to work from home, or while travelling. Hopefully someday in the near future, I can actually leave the house! ;)

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        For me, afternoons are the perfect time to take a short break from work. During this time, I usually have my lunch, head outside for a walk, or just unwind.