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Top remote-first products this week on Remote Tools


✔️ VidioCall is a conversational sales tool to engage with customers over video calls. It integrates with your existing CRM and connects leads to your sales team.

💰 Free plan offers 500 video calls per month with Slack, email notification. Then, $0.02 per call.

🤑 Deal

Mention Remote Tools to to get a 70% discount on the growth plan for 1 year. 


✔️ Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard for teams to brainstorm, collaborate, and organize in real-time. Alternative to Miro & Ziteboard.

💰 Free account available. Paid plans for individuals start from $7.95/ month.


✔️ TicList is a task management tool that simplifies creating & managing tasks in a single line, using a unique expression language. Alternative to Todo lists & task list apps.

💰 Free for everyone, forever.


✔️ Calendar is a desktop & mobile platform for calendar sharing and automated scheduling. Alternative to Calendly &

💰 Free account available. Pricing starts at $8/ month.


✔️ Heyhi is a real-time video chat tool to get face-to-face with your leads, sell your products, and support your customers.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plans start from $19/ month/ user.


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    Hey @ivonazufic-644
    Ticlist looks really interesting. It seems to be a great tool for creating and managing tasks. Plus, the expressions language is really unique, and would love to try that out!

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      Why thank you! We would love to get some feedback on it, so make sure to try it out 😁

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      Congrats @davegrow-635 for launching LucidSpark. Just saw that it has also been introduced as a launch partner for the Zapps platform 👏

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        VidioCall - @smrutiparida-636

        Lucidspark - @davegrow-635

        TicList - @ivonazufic-644

        Heyhi - @matteomosca-637

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          Great products this week! 👏 

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