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Like Twitter, Reddit announces permanent work from home, eliminates cost-of-living pay compensation (which I think makes sense)



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    Creately, the Visual Collaboration brand also has instructed all employees to work from home indefinitely. The company's philosophy has always been remote-first work culture. But with it's core values on keeping employees safe, the decision was made on 23rd October 2020, to make all employees work in the safety of thier homes.ย 

    Creately - The Visual Workspace for Team Collaborationย 

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      Amazing news! ๐ŸŽ‰ย 

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        That's great news Shehan. Is there also a post or blog around this? I am always keen to read about what motivated such a move & what are the plans moving forward :)

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          Thank you hrishikesh for your comment. We did share some of our experiences as a remote working company, on our blog and as guests post during the past couple of months. I have asked my in-house writers to look at what we can do for remoteclan.com as I personally believe that there should be more knowledge sharing on remote-work culture during these times. I will get back to you.

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            That would be really great - we would surely love reading your experiences.

            Also, an update on a related note - we are launching the feature of adding canonical URLs and do-follow links for all articles on Remote Clan. It goes live tomorrow. So now you can repurpose all your existing/new content and get some SEO benefit. More on this in tomorrow's email :)

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        Such an exciting move.ย 

        eliminates cost-of-living pay compensation

        This is cherry on top. It is about time such measures are adopted across the entire ecosystem.ย 

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          Way to go, this is great news!

          Interestingly, Reddit also said that it won't lower the pay for employees who move out of SF due to this move after the pandemice. That is a huge commitment.

          Here's the other article - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/27/reddit-wont-lower-pay-for-employees-who-move-to-cheaper-cities.html