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I saw a similar post on Indiehackers and I thought it was very pertinent. In that post, most replies very proudly stated that they work all the time - seemed a little odd to me.

Sure, I love working on my startup and it doesn't feel like work most times. But there are times when I do feel tired too. The truth is that most things that I do can always be done the next day. That's what I have started telling myself and a lot of my team too - the sky won't fall down if we don't force ourselves to work on a Sunday.

It is not only about a Sunday, but even when I go for a workout, I go without any phone for those 2 hours.

Anyway, I want to restrict this to my original question - Do you work on a Sunday? What can't wait for Monday? Share with me so I can learn 😬


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    Share your sentiments 100% at heart! However, I've yet to reach the point where I'm comfortable "leaving the phone at home," so to speak, in practice.

    As such, when out on the weekends with my family, I do keep eyes on incoming emails and notifications (much to the dismay of my wife). But I don't act/respond unless it's something directly from users or dealing with transactions (which the wife is understanding on).

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      :) happens to me too many times. Do you think it is a requirement for your startup that you work on a Sunday or that you would feel guilty if you didn't?

      haha, behind every workaholic individual is an understanding spouse :P

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        In our culture, we deliberately emphasize deliveries over time spent, so it's hard for a person to cite hours worked if there are no deliverables being provided. Accordingly, we don't regulate working hours and don't ask each other to work weekends.

        Having said that, if something is truly urgent and actually does require work over the weekend due to time sensitivity, then we ask for flexibility. It's not a perfect system but I've noticed that the people on our team who adapt are the ones who've stayed and continue to contribute value to the company as a whole.

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          Totally, we have a similar culture at Flexiple. That's what makes me work on Sundays. I also feel that my weekdays get hijacked by new things that suddenly fall on my plate. So I try to get ahead of the game by crossing things from my list on a Sunday itself.

          Just thinking if all this aligns from a long-term perspective.