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Salesforce is among the latest tech companies to jump on the remote work bandwagon. It announced remote working as the primary mode of working for most of its 50,000 employees.

Some key observations they made are that:

- 9-to-5 workday is dead

- Immersive workspace shouldn't be limited to desks in offices

- Employee experience is about more than ping-pong tables & snacks

Interestingly, the announcement says that Salesforce has to approach this new way of working with a beginner's mind which is an amazing callout since they are aware this would involve a lot of hit & trial/experimentation.

Also, >50% of Salesforce employees had indicated that they want to come in office only a few times per month

Salesforce's 3 models of remote working

Moving forward, Salesforce would implementย 3 primary ways of working for all of its employees:

Fully-remote: For those employees whose roles never need them to be in-office

Flex: 1-3 days/week of work in-office, mostly for collaboration & presentations

Office-based: Smallest chunk of employees that need to be in-office 4-5 days/week & remote work ocassionally

Resdesigning offices

Given the offices would primarily be used for ocassional collaboration & presentations/meetings, Salesforce plans to redesign them to offer larger spaces for breakouts & collaboration.

Check out this early snapshot of their resdesigned workspace

Salesforce redesigned workspace

Rendering of Salesforce's redesigned workspace (Image source: Salesforce blog)

Moving towards greater equality & offering flexibility

The 2 main advantages with the move to remote cited by Salesforce are:

1) They can hire talent from anywhere in the world and this will promote greater equality in their workforce by design

2) Remote will also offer unparalleled schedule flexibility to its employees e.g. picking up kids or caring for someone in the family


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    I think it is very positive with the new door opens with a lot more opportunities for us. I believe in more flexibility to get better outcomes.