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Japan considers a 4-day work week with the success of remote work...



...but MPs in the UK claim £9.1 million in expenses despite working from home....



...while WSJ reports that existing home sales hit the highest level in 14 years...



...and lastly, a survey reveals that people are willing to forgo a part of their income to work remotely.



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    What are the general feelings on 4-day work weeks here on RC? 🌡

    I'm a big believer in results > time spent, meaning if you can deliver on agreed upon objectives within the allotted time period, then how you spend that time is not relevant to anyone else. However, I do think this is a mindset that's not necessarily inherent in many people which may cause friction in more traditional companies re: expectations, culture, resources, etc. The bigger issue here, in my opinion, at least for corporate/knowledge work, is, does this mean we need to reconsider how companies and people view compensation, incentives, and people's general relationships with their employers?

    Having said that, in my limited experience (~3 years total in Japan), Japanese corporates and employees, as a major generalization, do have the work culture and ethic to make this work overall. Not as sure how applicable it can be, at least as it's described in the brief article, in Western countries though... 🤔

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      Hmm, I have to agree that in my experience of working in India and London, generally companies don't have the capability to adapt to such a shift. Having said that, I think it will take a few progressive companies to start the movement.

      Personally, I do think a lot of our concepts of working are dated and one of them is the structure of our work week.

      But even I don't have the mindset to work very effectively in such a new structure. I do think my mind creates an artificial urgency about things and having to wait for 3 days to get things moving might make me a bit restless.

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        Having a family, I do actively try to limit time spent working on the weekends. As such, trying to deal with a three-day weekend that's enforced like a three-day weekend, would definitely cause me some mental stress when thinking about my general to-do list 😅

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          haha, can totally imagine!