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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools

✔️ AdSigner is an online platform that helps users generate and unify email signatures with the option to create and merge marketing campaigns with ease.

💰 Free trial. Paid plan starts from $5.33 per month.


✔️ SketchBubble is an online design tool that helps you create stunning presentations so you can keep ahead of the competition.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $49.95/month. 

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Get 20% discount on paid plans by entering the coupon code - WELCOME

✔️ is a screen recording extension designed specifically for developers. It records your screen, console, and network requests to eliminate time spent reproducing bugs.

💰 Free plan. Paid plan starts from $8 per user per month.

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Get 20% off on paid plans by entering the code remotetools20

✔️ Ejobsite Software is a web application that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced job board.

💰 Free account available. Paid plan starts from $29 /month

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Get a 15% discount on paid plans. To redeem the offer sign up and send a mail to [email protected]

✔️ Website Read Progress is a chrome extension that gives users the option of adding a horizontal or a circular reading progress bar for each website page or online article you come across.

💰 Free for use.



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    Great company to be around - cheers to everyone on the list 😀

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      AdSigner is a great tool and worthy of being on this list! Congrats on being featured :)

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      AdSigner : @benjaminperko-1878 
      Sketchbubble : @tusharsethi-1887 : @johneletto-1883
      Ejobsite Software : @jamessmith-1814
      Website Read Progress : @fouziariaz-1830