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Microsoft's decision to allow employees to work remotely on a permanent basis is part of a trend that could lead to widespread economic changes.


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    Thanks for sharing Hanadi - this is quite interesting :)

    Things are already changing quite a bit. Of course, real estate takes a serious hit. Now, surrounding corporate offices, many small businesses thrive such as eateries, stores, etc. All of them will be feeling the pinch.

    With decrease in the need for travel, drivers subscribed to Uber, etc. will earn lesser. Many take up loans to fund the purchase of cars. The ripple effect is quite tremendous for sure.

    Though, while some lose many are gaining. Remote work products, cloud services, grocery-delivery services, etc. So the change in the structure of the industry is going to be drastic.

    Exciting times :)

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      Agree with this point, Hanadi. 
      Companies that are dependent on office-goers need to come up with innovative and smart ways to adapt to the recent changes. Starbucks could start a subscription service to deliver coffee to worker's homes or Uber can change its focus to serve B2B clients. As remote work transforms the work culture, it is more important than ever for such companies to keep pace with the advances.

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