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Hey everyone,

Extending a warm welcome the newest members on our community!

Would be amazing if you could:

1) Introduce yourself

2) Share a GIF that best describes you 😎

Steps to embed a GIF:

1. Click on the image icon in the toolbar

2. Copy over the gif from Giphy - Copy link -> GIF link

3. Paste it in the image URL you see in the popup

Here's the full list of our new members:

Deniz | Manel | Stephane | Jeetendra | Ashish | Geert | Hitesh | Mario | New | Ram | Tracy | Stan | Jigar | Efrain | Trevor | Nikhil


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    Hello everyone, 

    My name is Manel, I have been working remotely/freelancing since 2012. I love my lifestyle and I am looking for the right community that will help me to assess my skills and develop them in the long term. I would be more than happy to assist others with what I can/know. 

    (I support the idea - I don't know the speaker 😅)

    I support the idea - I don't know the speaker

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      Great to have a freelancer of your experience! Welcome to the clan, Manel!

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        Thank you. 

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      Hey everyone,

      I’m Co-founder of Commons, which aims to make work feel more connected for remote teams. Previously, I’ve held product leadership roles at Google, Snap, Amazon, and several startups.