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Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

Hope you're off to a great start to the week already.

Would love to know the biggest challenge you're facing this week. I am sure some of us here would be able to help out :)


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    I need to figure out how to clone our engineering team to deliver on our six-month roadmap in the next two months :)

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      Was going to suggest what Sophia has asked. Not intending to pitch at all, but you could take a look at Flexiple. We have helped many companies in such situations. If nothing happy to get on a call :)

      There are other guys like @Borisov91 also who run very successful startups to help with this.

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        And you can't outsource some parts of it?ย 

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          Hi Pez!

          We have had similar situations multiple times before.

          The info is a bit generic but hereโ€™s some input.

          With the same team and the same process, you cannot 3x the output. Most probably you cannot even 1.5x your output through process changes within 2 months.

          So you are looking to hire. Try to minimize the hiring time - for example, use hiring marketplaces. We have had cases where we have hired developers within 24h of identifying a hiring need.. through our hiring marketplace - www.remotemore.com

          Think about the bottlenecks, to allocate your hiring correctly: Product Management Design Development QA

          If you are going from 2 to 6 people, it is possible to execute it with output per developer remaining constant. But from e.g. 3 to 9, means creating a new team, which creates coordination work, so decreasing efficiency per team member.

          Minimize the onboarding time. Aim for 2 weeks to 100% productivity.


          We can do a call if you want input that is customized to your case? [email protected]

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          My biggest challenge right now is definitely working with focus when it feels like everyone is pulling my attention in all directions at once โ€” as best as I organize myself to work for a few straight hours without interruption or losing focus, it has been impossible. Since many of those interruptions have definitely been unavoidable, I guess the challenge is actually about the frustration this causes. ๐ŸคฏIt feels like it's taking 8 hours to do what I could do in 4.


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            That's been my problem since April ๐Ÿ˜‚

            The fact also remains that since there is no concept of going somewhere on a break (I've not travelled at all), I have also not taken any holidays. Guess, that's the same for you too? I feel that might also contribute to lesser productivity :(.

            I hope you are able to rejuvenate in the last week of December and start crushing come the new year ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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              Hahahaha I am laughing but it's of desperation ๐Ÿ˜…I think it just feels harder now because it's been so many days living the exact same day and it added up...

              And you hit the nail on the head! Not having anywhere to go and just relax and have a change of scenery makes it a lot harder and leads to unavoidable burnout.

              Thank you! I am actually thinking of taking a few days during the Christmas-NYE week to go "screen-free"...

              I hope you get to rejuvenate too and start the new year with a lot more focus and energy ๐Ÿ˜Š

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                Haha, it totally is a Groundhog Day scenario for all of us

                Thank you! I am actually thinking of taking a few days during the Christmas-NYE week to go "screen-free"...

                Super idea! Enjoy the time ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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                  Amazing! We should ideally be screen-free day(s) every weekend but good that youโ€™re taking an entire week off now.

                  I may not be able to be screen-free entirely but Iโ€™m planning stay away from my laptop/phone for most time on the Christmas weekend.

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              Thank you Hrishikesh for this thoughtful post๐Ÿ˜!ย 

              I'd really need help (and would love to help in return) with testing some user interfaces by people working remotely:

              - product managers and UX researchers

              - scrum teams

              - innovation, design thinking consultants

              - people that think that their team meetings and brainstorming sessions could be more structured

              My product is meant to help remote teams design strategies, brainstorm, and solve problems in an effective and collaborative way. We do this by offering a virtual workshop and project management platform that's easy-breezy to use, with no design skills needed.ย 

              I'd love to sit with you 20 min and walk you through some interfaces while listening to your feedback. Click here to book a slot.ย 

              I'd be very happy to help as well providing feedback to UX, onboarding, UI, content... or any other thing I can help with! I'm a bootstrapped founder so I have a bit of experience in everything related to startup and SaaS products.ย 

              Cheers โœŒโ˜ฎโœŒ

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                Hey Sophia, I am happy to help with this. Couldn't find a link in your previous message (I found "Click here" but not the link).

                You can always reach me on [email protected] and we can coordinate there :)

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                  Hello Karthik! Thanks so much! It's much appreciated :) I just sent you an email with the link. Otherwise, it's here.ย 

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                  Cheers Sophia :)

                  Same here, would be happy to help too. Let us know about the link.

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                    Thanks so much Hrishikesh! Also looking forward to finally speak to you guys face-to-face (screen-to-screen) :D!ย 

                    Here is the link.ย 

                    I copy-pasted the post many times because I didn't understand that I wasn't logged in. So the "Post Comment" button was here but in grey and I thought it was a platform bug.ย 

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                      Hey Sophia, sorry for writing back late. Just picked a slot for Sat. Talk soon!

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                        Awesome! Thanks so much Hrishikesh and talk to you on Saturday!

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                  I'm not sure if it's only me but I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and communication from people who want to finish up everything before the holiday weeks. My challenge, therefore, is to squeeze them into my weekly schedule.ย 

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                    Hi @minededekoca, I'm in the same situation, but for me has been useful to divide my tasks and between some of them place a small time to talk with my family, play that videogame on the cellphone that we use to have just for fun, running for few minutes, and so on.ย 

                    The point is to keep our mind relaxed as possible because that increases our productivity and at least in my case helps to accelerate the rate of work. Last week I tried to do all my work without those few minutes of rest and was horrible and difficult to end.

                    I hope this going to be useful for you!

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                      I can totally imagine @minededekoca! I guess some amount of push back is also needed. But if not possible, Samuel's suggestion seems quite smart.

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                      I have my Pitch Deck & short a long a video recording pitch for my healthcare startup as-well, what I need is to make a 2-minute Product/service offering animated/motion graphics video which would be included in the Investor reach mails.

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                        Ahh, quite interesting. I remember making a video using VideoScribe. Do check it out. I think you can make it quite quickly using it. Else, there are other tools like Powtoon, etc.

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                          Great, thanks a lot, I wonder what the advantage of making such videos ourselves vs getting em done with freelancers/Fiverr and such

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                            Well depends entirely. Cheap videos through freelancers aren't well made. In comparison, I would choose such an option. But yes, it will require effort at your end in preparing a script and then actually using the tool to make the video.

                            If you are ready to spend money, then sure a freelancer or agency would do a better job.

                            The question is whether you even need the video at an early stage. I realised the video I made was pretty useless.

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                              yeah, Got it

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                                Also, I'm stuck on the content & script I mean the whole idea is put into the pitch deck with research, competition and all that stuff, and making a pitch video and all that but making a product/service offerings video is entirely a different thing, so what do you think where/what should I start with? I mean I can start with a customer's problem case scenario, but our healthcare app is much more than just a service offering, in short, we are more like a platform

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                                  Yaa, I would set it up as a story. What is the typical ideal story that your platform solves.

                                  For e.g. if it were for Uber. I would paint a picture of a driver who wants to make cash on the side and also show a lady who want to travel safely & conveniently. Showcase that each has their problems and that Uber is the solution that solves it beautifully.

                                  I am sort of embarrassed to share this early video by Flexiple, as we have come a long way since and lot of things have changed, but you will get an idea of what I am saying through this: https://www.facebook.com/flexiple/videos/1564847643578443

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                                    Hi Akhil,ย 

                                    I'd agree with Karthik in thinking whether you'd really need a video in the first place. Is it required? What do you want to achieve with it? Get the investor's attention in the email?ย 

                                    If you don't have the budget to go through an agency, then your end-result might not be so great (although we can have sometimes some genius idea that hacks it all).ย 

                                    What about you filming yourself telling the story/problem case scenario? Would that help to get the attention that you (maybe) need? What about adding visuals in the background to illustrate your story? I heard a lot about https://www.mmhmm.app/ but haven't tested it myself. Probably, good visuals are better than bad/okayish animated video.ย 


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                                      yeahh Understood

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                                        Well said!

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                                        I must say the video is really good!ย 

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                                          Haha, it is nice video to watch but I don't think it helped us too much :P

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                              I've started working on Mobile Apps in the startup I'm working in, we're a small team of around 7 members so have to be a little agile. I'm primarily a vuejs developer, mobile apps are built in ionic and angular so it is challenging, fortunately, our team is awesome and our CTO is helping me whenever I'm stuck, so able to learn and pick it up quickly. If you are a teacher or have friends who teach or run an institute or a sports center, check us out - https://www.classcardapp.com/



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                                Pretty cool. Moving from Vue to Ionic won't be straightforward at all! But any reason for the choice of Ionic? Is the performance of hybrid apps improving now?

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                                  We aren't moving away from vue, for mobile apps we're using ionic. Our web stack is PHP right now with a few vue components here and there, soon going to refactor whole thing into nuxt! Pretty excited about it. Since a small team, we can't afford a seperate mobile app developer, hence using ionic, if given a choice, I wouldn't use ionic but it gets the job done ๐Ÿ˜….

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                                    Ahh, I think I phrased it poorly. I meant learning Ionic from having worked on Vue won't be straightforward.

                                    Since a small team, we can't afford a seperate mobile app developer, hence using ionic

                                    haha, totally get that thought process!