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I switched from slack to discord for daily communication with my remote team same day I tried it. We liked it for following reasons –

- Screensharing, unlimited messages in free plan
- Whole team stays active in a voice channel and it is much easier to ask a quick query or make a joke,
- Remote working gets more human

Curiosity and google took me to Slack vs Discord article for the detailed version. 

Also, thinking more about it. Discord does a better job on keeping people stay connected remotely, because it was created to target gamers.

Its just more human to give a hollar in an always active voice-channel on Discord to reach other team mate or make a quick joke. Just like actually working together.



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    Hmm, great points. While we try to keep documenting all long-term things in some permanent documentation tool (Slite/Notion), having unlimited messages would certainly be very helpful.

    Maybe we should try Discord soon and consider moving - thanks for the motivation :)

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      Personally, experience-wise, I find both pretty similar in terms of function. And so far, the split for me seems to come down to:

      - Slack for work related things; not just at my own company but for other companies whose products we use

      - Discord for online communities I'm apart of that aren't work related (mostly hobby-based stuff)

      Ultimately, for now, given that we do a lot of communication with our partners and customers via Slack today, I find the switching cost to Discord for work a bit high. 🤷

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        Second that thought on comms with partners and customers - kinda comes down to branding for us. Switching to Discord would be really interesting internally but I don't see a way that I could convince other folks to try out a platform professionally that they know of as IM for gamers.

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        Yes, I agree that Discord does a great job of keeping people connected. Discord is very similar to Slack in most ways. 

        But, Slack has focused on being an essential tool for work communication rather than something people can use to hang out and spend time together.

        A major advantage of Slack is its app marketplace, which provides hundreds of integrations with other work tools.