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Top remote-first products this week on Remote Tools 

✔️ Euroremote is a manually curated job board for European applicants. The jobs posted on the platform accept applicants from Europe or operate within European time zones.

💰 All job postings are free and will be pinned for 1 week.

✔️ Weet is a video messaging tool that allows you to have asynchronous conversations. It has features such as instant recording, screen sharing, virtual background, video filters, and emoji reactions.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plans start from $12 user/ month

✔️ Spool is a transcribing tool for Zoom. With Spool, you can process Zoom transcripts from sales and team meetings and automatically compose the best possible sales scripts.

💰 Free

✔️ Datalyse is an engagement CRM platform for managing high sales volume effortlessly. With Datalyse, you can receive and make calls, emails, WhatsApp, and SMS, all from one platform.

💰 Free plan available

✔️ Buddy Punch is a tool that streamlines time-tracking for your employees. Buddy Punch makes it easy to keep track of attendance, time off, and overtime in real-time.

💰 Subscription pricing