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Hey everyone!

Kicking off this week's thread to celebrate the wins of our community members 😀

Sharing the ones I already know below. Make sure to share your wins in the comments if I haven't already included them. Will edit the post to add them.

1. Michael published part-3 of his blog, launching an indie app

2. Steven launched an affiliate program for One Word Domains

3. Jakob added music playback on MeetButter

4. Nico launched a referral program for Tomo

Congrats everyone 👏


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      Thanks so much, Hrishikesh! This week was actually a big launch - have the full release notes here: MeetButter Release Notes

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        Wow, that's amazing! It's a huuuge list of updates 😀

        Quick point - The images on the doc aren't loading for me, I am guessing the s3 files aren't public.

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          Funny - seems to work fine for me in incognito and on other browsers, where I'm not logged in? Will just check! Appreciate it!

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          Ah, worked for me now. Maybe it was just poor connection at my end :/

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          Thanks a lot for the mention, Hrishikesh! It was actually a soft launch for this new tool that I'm building, Recurrence – a lightweight but powerful affiliate management tool for startups and indie hackers! Feel free to read about the full story here.

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            Oh, that's really nice. Are you also planning to blog about your dev journey for Recurrence?

            On an aside, I think this is a lovely post & you can publish it as a new post here - would serve as an update to your first post! Plus, we have canonical URLs now, so, no worry on the SEO bit :)

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            Congratulations everybody! 🙌

            Thanks for the shout out too Hrishikesh :)

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              Cheers Michael!

              Also, a quick suggestion - I love your posts and RC members would also like reading it. Would recommend you repurpose those posts here with a canonical - let me know if you need any help at all :)