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Hey everyone,

Kicking off this week's thread to welcome the newest members on our community!

1. Napolean is the founder & chief architect at Grand App Studio and has 15+ yrs of experience in engineering.

2. Miranda is the general counsel at Oyester, an employee management tool for distributed teams.

3. Ankit is a product manager at Haptik and also building IdeaPod (idea management platform) on the side.

4. Jarrod is building fikaTime, a virtual coffee solution for your remote team.

5. Riley is making the process of resume building simpler with Standard Resume.

6. Nik is building All Hands, an async video tool and he has 15+ yrs of experience across product & engineering.

7. Maisa is the founder at MCFO that handles backoffice management for medium & large companies.

8. Christopher is building Pixelic, a remote-first design collaboration software for product teams and has worked previously with the likes of IBM & Walmart.

9. Siddhant is a product manager at Bounce and has worked previously in engineering.


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    Welcome @napoleonarouldas-615 @mirandazolot-616 @ankitjain-620 @jarrod-621 @rileytomasek-622 @nikwakelin-623 @masaotoni-626 @christopherchae-628 @siddhantpuri-630 👋

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      Another impressive set of new members! Welcome to Remote Clan 👋 

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      Welcome welcome welcome!

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        Welcome, everyone 😀 Eager to know more about you guys!

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