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Work from Home in This Caribbean Country

Attention all remote workers and digital nomads! Dominica has just launched Work in Nature (WIN) extended-stay visas


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    I was so happy to recieve you email this morning about WFH destinations. Ironically, I was looking at my options last night. I'm considering Costa Rica, Buenos Aries, and adding DR to the list. Ideally I'm looking for something in between PST and EST time zones, the US dollar gets me very far, it's accessbile to NY (5 hour plane ride at the most), and there's a community that I can plug into. Open to hear any and all suggesstions!!!

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      That's really cool Sammi. How long are you planning to stay there?

      You'll also find this post helpful - you can add any specific questions you may have on the same thread.

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        Thank you! I will check this out. I'm planning for 2 to 3 months in the fall, September to November!

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      That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing this news.