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The 6 Most Common Challenges of Virtual Teams And How to Overcome Them

Learn how to address cultural differences, isolation, burnout, trust, time differences, and remote onboarding. Overcome the challenges of virtual teams through the advice of successful distributed companies.

Anyone who works remotely or manages a virtual team can tell you, it's a constant learning experience (Not all sunshine and rainbows).

Cross-cultural communication, time zone differences, isolation, burnout, trust, and remote onboarding are all obstacles even the most seasoned distributed workforce experiences.

The difference between companies that say remote work isn't for them and others that are flourishing, is they are incredibly open to adapt their policies to fit the new ways of working.

For example:

-Struggling with cultural differences? Klarna structures their global teams into no more than 8 people to increase #collaboration and foster personal bonding.

-Can't figure out a problem and your boss is 7 hours ahead of you? GitLab has a documentation-first approach so the answers are always just one click away.

-Feel like you don't have any personal connection to your job? Parabol has every team demo something they have been working on in the last two weeks.

-Overworking for months to launch a new project? SmartRecruiters gave their employees a whole week off to address burnout.

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