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Atlassian wrote an interesting article on the impact of COVID and working remotely: Quantifying the impact of remote work on work-life balance

Seems like people work more hours, and has a wider spread of activities across the day.


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    Found an interesting bit from the data- the lunch break seems to be almost non-existent while working from home.
    It could mean people aren't dedicating a specific interval for lunch or are eating while working or in the worst case have skipped lunch altogether 🤔.

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      Yeah, my suspicion is that they do what I do: since there usually is no-one having lunch with, I simply eat in front of the computer. Not sure if that is good or bad :)

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      Great share Sigurd. Loved 2 things about this - they have used data from their products to derive inferences about work patterns & the way data is presented.

      Most of the inferences are fairly obvious now given multiple other surveys have indicated the same. But I was intrigued to see the graphs by country of say, day length or finishing your work day later.

      Although they haven't mentioned the actual size of the dataset right or did I miss it altogether?

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        It didn't specifically say the size of the dataset, only that they have 'millions of users' generating data in the third paragraph.

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          Hmm, right. That's where I got a little confused. I thought they are quoting data only from their own internal teams. If this is basis their entire user data, then it's a huge dataset and the inferences become even more significant!