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Companies like Apple have specified the exact days where the employees should be in the office, while other companies believe it is up to the team leader.

However, I think that employees should be able to choose the days based on their flexibility.

What is your opinion on allowing employees to choose their own WFH schedules? Also, if your company is going hybrid, which 2 days would you prefer to work remotely?


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    Far be it from me to tell Apple or any company, team, manager, etc. how to manage. Having said that... 😅 IMO it seems a bit unfriendly towards team members to have top-down decision-making on WFH.

    Certainly there will be times when coming is mandatory, and workers should be able to understand the other side of the token in such cases. But to arbitrarily fix a schedule while claiming "it's being done for the employees" seems to send mixed signals to workers.

    And in case I have to "fix" two days to WFH, I'd probably just bookend it - Mondays & Fridays (not very imaginative, I know 😂)

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      Great points, Justin 💯
      Working from home on Mondays and Fridays sounds good- a smart way to space them out!

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      For large companies, it would be better to allow the team leaders to make decisions rather than centralising and following a one-size-fits-all approach. 

      In addition, as a company, it would be very chaotic if employees could work from home whenever they wanted to. In the long run, this could affect the work productivity. 

      I was wondering if there were any better options for this

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        I think there's scope for more flexibility with a mixture of several types of office days.

        e.g. Some days a month mandated by leaders for group events, plus some planned days by individuals published in a calendar ahead of time, plus some adhoc days when the individual just decides to go in at short notice.


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          P.S: Found this piece on choosing the best days to work from home