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Due to the severe impact of COVID 19, all companies have switched to certain patterns to working from home.

And so the employees are dealing with the various distractions and challenges that come with a significantly altered routine.

What can be alternate solutions we can think of sustaining the growth of the industry without causing troubles to our employees?

Hopefully, these tips will help you maximize your time working out of the office.

Give it a read here: Tips to improve remote work productivity


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    These are great tips! A must-read for new remote workers. Curious to know how your productivity has been during this pandemic?

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      Smart suggestions Raghu. I have found the following to be important and am still working on doing them better:

      • Keeping a clear cut-off between my work and personal-life: Having a proper workstation does help with that. But I think there also has to be some defined timings too.

      • Self-care: Big time. I think one needs to exercise or engage in something that they are passionate about as a part of their routine. It becomes an important tool to take your mind off work.

      I am trying a couple of new things too. For e.g. I wear β€œoffice clothes” to my workspace so that I get into the β€œwork zone”. Also, get back to my usual clothes at the end of the day to signify the end of the workday.