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Top Remote Products this week on Remote Tools.


✔️ Shells offers safe and secure virtual desktops that are pre-loaded with multiple Linux & Windows operating systems. Alternative to V2 Cloud and Windows Virtual Desktop.

💰 Paid plans start from $4.95/ month

🤑 Deal

Sign up for a 3 month plan and get a month free using this link. Save up to 45%.

✔️ Stage is a browser-based editor for creating app wireframes with Sketch export and team previews.

💰 Free plan available for upto 3 active projects. Paid plans start from $99 for unlimited projects

🤑 Deal

Get 20% on the first period of any plan using the code REMOTETOOLS20. The coupon is valid only until 30th April.

✔️ Producter is a tool that helps product-oriented teams to streamline feedback, tasks, roadmap, and changelog cycle in one place.

💰 Free for upto 5 users. Then, plans start from $20 per seat for 6+ users

✔️ Notch is an automated platform that helps fast-growing companies find, hire, and manage trusted remote developers at scale. Alternative to Flexiple & Toptal.

💰 Zero upfront costs

✔️ Allo is a remote workspace for whiteboarding, team collaboration and video calls all in one place. With Allo, you can truly work together across roles without juggling many tools.

💰 Free plan available. Paid plans start from $9 user/ month


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    Notch - @jeffbuettin-1580

    Stage - @alexey-1609