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What would you like to change or keep in 2021 to make your remote work life more fulfilling? 

To me, I'd like to make the most out of it, so here is my resolutions' list: 

- estimate the time that it would take me to commute in my last job, and dedicate this time daily to a walk in nature or something that I really enjoy doing. While doing it, remember that I could be commuting in an over-crowded subway with neon lights and tired legs. 

- Go live in 2 new places/countries, for at least 1 month each time. 

- If living in a new country, learn the language through language exchange sessions with a few local people, eat and cook mostly local typical food.

- Practice Yoga at least 10 min/day. 

- Network online at least once a week. 

- Talk to each member of my team at least once a day. 


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    Wow, amazing list - each by itself sounds really nice! :)

    I plan to bring a little more calm to my mind by using devices less and possibly meditating more.

    Improve all "HR" aspects at my startup so that everyone continues to feel a close part of the team (we went fully remote just mid last year)

    Can't say this is a resolution because many personal items need to fall in place, but I am hoping to move to tier-2 city and away from the hustle & bustle of the crowded cities.

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      Good luck with moving @Karthik! 

      I'm in the same situation regarding moving to another place, but still wondering if it's a side effect from the lockdown (French cities are definitely not attractive anymore) or a real will to change and move permanently. 

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        Thanks Sophia :)

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      Great list, Sophia. I have listed down a few of my resolutions:

      - Spend more time on physical fitness (from 30 mins to 1 hour). That would include walking in the morning followed by cycling during the evenings.

      - Travel and work from a new destination, hopefully from an island nation once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

      - Writing 500 words every day on my favourite topics

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        An island nation sounds fantastic 😍

        I heard some have installed some new policies to encourage remote workers to come (Hrishikesh shared once an article I think). 

        Would you like to write more in order to practice your writing skills or just as a personal hobby? 

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        Thanks for sharing your list, Sophia! 

        Mine is more geared towards self-care since that's something I feel I've done poorly in 2020.

        - Take screen breaks consistently twice a day where I'm completely offline for 15 minutes.

        - Eat breakfast & lunch - I often skipped lunch and ate breakfast very late since I would immediately start working

        - Workout once a day whether that is getting outside or doing a workout at home

        I'd love to travel, but I think that will depend on a lot of other factors over the next year. 

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          Good luck Hmehta! 

          I also did poorly on meals for a long time and realized that it was because it was too complicated to think about what to eat at noon.

          Cooking the meal the day before (if you eat home-cooked) helped a lot. I don't need to think about what to eat, but just what to warm up. 

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          That's a great set of resolutions, Sophia 🙌

          Here's how my current list looks like:

          - At least one week-long vacation (I did terribly with regards to holidays in 2020)

          - Travel to at least one new place (city/country)

          - Complete reading at least 4 books through the year (again, did terribly in 2020 - the count was 0)

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            Aw waw, you didn't take a week-long holiday😳? Are you working in the US? 

            I'm used to having 5 weeks per year in France and I feel more and more that it's not enough to totally restore. Some friends say that we should have a week of vacation every 6 weeks to keep a healthy rhythm. 

            All the best for your resolutions!

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            I'm working on setting better boundaries between work and my personal life. I've set a daily alarm to tell me to stop working and switch to "home mode," because otherwise I get lost and work 'til my partner comes into the office to complain. 

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              That's a great idea! I might try it as well. I might snooze the button a couple of times before getting into home mode but at least I have a reminder :) Thanks for sharing!