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How to Work Effectively in a Distributed Workforce

With more companies embracing remote work and hiring internationally, you might find yourself in a distributed workforce before you know it. Some key skills to work on are better communication practices, punctuality with deliverables, and willingness to offer and ask for help.

According to Boston Consulting Group, more than 58% of large American companies now offer remote work or hybrid options. What about that other 42%? 

Well, let's just say we have another controversial topic among the many that divide Americans and the world on the right answer. Like the popeyes or burger king chicken sandwich. 

Remote working isn't compatible with every job and certainly isn't for everyone but one thing is certain: The majority of workers want flexibility with their working hours and companies are becoming more distributed.

Regardless of the side you stand on, many people will be working in distributed workforces in the coming months. Whether it is from the office or from a hotel in Cancun there are some key skills to be learned and strategies that need to be implemented.

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