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Difficult to stay focused throughout the workday?

Weโ€™re trying to solve this challenge by building a personal productivity trainer and need your input.

Everyone who signs up as beta users and submit a survey after testing Hold X, will have a chance to win Remarkable 2.

Get access to HOLD X here.

Read more about how Hold X works hereย  https://www.hold.app

Would love to know what productivity tools you are using so we can integrate them with HOLD.


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    Interesting tool, Maths. Just submitted the survey and also installed the chrome plugin.ย  I'll share my thoughts in the coming weeks. Cheers :)

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      Thanks for the positive feedback Shahul! Looking forward to be hearing from you. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

      New builds are coming on a weekly basis :)ย 

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        Sure. That's great news!

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      Thanks Maths. Quite interesting. I have been working on improving my productivity over the past few months. So this is quite timely.

      Notepads and tables have not worked. Still on the lookout for something which is easier to use. Hoping that Hold X is the answer :)

      Filled the survey too!

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        Hi Karthik,ย 

        Hope HOLD X can help you improve your productivity. Would you mind sharing what keeps you from staying on maximum productivity today? (Distractions, planning etc).

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          Hopin the same too :)

          As a founder, I feel there are always new things popping up in the day. So whatever I plan at the beginning of the day sort of keeps getting de-prioritised.

          I feel some of the new tasks have an artificial sense of urgency. I think I need to do some better analysis at my end before jumping to tackle any of them. So, I guess we could say poor planning at my end.

          Distractions of a remote working environment are also there. But I think I am slowly getting better at it. But I like some of the features of blocking certain websites for a particular duration. I am also trying to build out my twitter profile, so whenever I get bored of doing what I am working on, I tend to go to twitter to write some tweets, etc. There I get into the rabbit hole of Twitter and possibly spend more time than needed.

          As I write more, it seems like the problem is me ๐Ÿ˜‚