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Hey everyone!

Kicking off this week's thread to celebrate the wins of our community members 😀

Sharing the ones I already know below. Make sure to share your wins in the comments if I haven't already included them. Will edit the post to add them.

1. Euan's startup, Willo (Video interviewing platform), raised $320K 💪

2. Calvin launched a digital notebook, Foundations, that shares insights from great books 🤓

3. Abbey hosted a live discussion on LinkedIn on how to choose a tablet for note-taking ✍

4. Brendan's hosting a hands-on workshop about Sales fundamentals for founders on Wed, Sep 23 🙌

5. Justin onboarded their first user from Korea on Quidli 🤑


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      Well done, folks!

      @abbeypatterson-525, do you think you could post a 'lessons learned' on your LinkedIn discussion? I for one would be curious about how to do that and what to watch out for.

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        Thanks Guys! Congratulations to everyone doing awesome things during what is proving to be a very turbulent year!

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          Cheers Euan. If you can share the experience or some lessons that you learnt while raising the round, it would be quite helpful to all of us :)

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          Appreciate the mention, @karthik and @hrishikesh 🙏

          Aiming to fill out more geographies, like India, for example! 😉

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            haha, totally!