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Hey everyone!

Kicking off this week's thread to celebrate the wins of our community members šŸ˜€

Sharing the ones I already know below. Make sure to share your wins in the comments if I haven't already included them. Will edit the post to add them.

1. CoScreen (by Till) launched publicly & raised $4.6M in funding.

2. Stefan is conducting a workshop on building an inbound funnel as a freelancer.

3. Nico shipped major features to Tomo.

4. Rachel launched a free toolkit for async offsite-in-a-box.

Congrats everyone šŸ‘


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    Congrats @till @spp-1160 @nicofromtomo @rachel-704 šŸ™Œ

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      Thanks a lot! Glad to be able to count on your support!

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        Congrats, Till. Iā€™m very excited for you and the team šŸŽŠ