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Top remote-first products this week on Remote Tools 


✔️ Skyrocket Your Team is a team-building tool that offers virtual escape rooms. It improves communication across your company and brings your team closer together.

💰 Standard and premium pricing available

🤑 Deal

10% discount with the code 'remotetools'


✔️ Bluescape offers secure visual collaboration for enterprises. With Bluescape's intuitive, built-in features, you'll find your team is able to have less unnecessary meetings and more productive collaboration.

💰 30-day free trial


✔️ UsefulPDF is a PDF editor, converter, and management tool. It allows you to sign documents, streamline your workflow, and optimize results. 

💰 Free account available


✔️ Hostman is a cloud platform that lets you deploy your web app or a website from any repository in 5 minutes. It works on top of AWS and DigitalOcean. Alternative to Netlify and Heroku.

💰 Free 30-day trial. First 3 websites are deployed for free. Pricing starts from $6/ month

🤑 Deal

Get a $50 coupon by signing up with this link 

✔️ ID Analyzer is an ID scanning tool to extract and verify data from global ID documents including passport, driver's license, and identification card. It can be used to verify remote user age and identity.

💰 Subscription pricing


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    Skyrocket Your Team - @mayritiido-1281

    Bluescape - @vanessa-1156

    Hostman - @alena-1342

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      Hostman seems to be a great alternative to the existing hosting tools. Super user-friendly platform! Thanks for the coupon @alena-1342

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        Thanks, @johnwade. Happy to hear that. Hope Hostman will help you out. Please let me know if have some questions!