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Top remote products this week on Remote Tools


✔️ Topia is an online video chat platform that allows you to connect virtually in a more human way and create a world that's uniquely yours. With Topia’s spatial video chat, you can easily move in and out of conversations like you’re in person.

💰 Free for up to 25 people at once. Paid plan starts from $9 per month


✔️ GeeTest is a bot mitigation solution provider that protects your websites, mobile apps and APIs from bot threats. 

💰 Free trial

✔️ Bravely is an app for a holistic and evidence-based approach to mental health. It is packed with resources from the best researchers and therapists, presented to you in an easy to read, interactive app.

💰 Free 


✔️ Beach Nearby helps you discover the best beaches near you, so you can know every beach in the world like a resident local.

💰 Free 


✔️ NoCodeLetters is a simple tool that allows you to send your newsletters directly from Notion - without a single line of code

💰 Free account available


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    GeeTest: @geetestteam-1860
    Bravely: @bravelysmartermentalhealth-1845
    Beach Nearby: @guilhermerizzo-1855
    NoCodeLetters: @nageshbansal-1865