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Why Burnout is Hard to Detect - DoorDash Engineering Blog

Learn more about burnout, a common ailment in the tech community. In this new article we will discuss how burnout is caused and how to recover from it.

In the tech industry, known for high stress and long hours, burnout is a significant problem that often goes unnoticed, making it difficult to address. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, many developers, especially those with children, have seen increased levels of burnout, which is disastrous for their health and productivity. Overall, burnout is difficult to detect because itโ€™s hard to distinguish from merely being tired, and people with a strong work ethic often ignore it while putting their teamโ€™s needs first. Fortunately, burnout can be alleviated by better communication, rest, establishing better work-life boundaries, and utilizing available company resources.ย 


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