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With Flexiple becoming a remote company, a lot of things have changed in my life. I have to be honest - I am largely an introverted person. So meeting & talking to people is not my preference.

Add to this the crazy commute in the clogged & "potholed" roads of Bangalore, it was quite a dreary experience. But the toughest thing for me each day was to leave my dog, Rocket (he's like my son), at home with a caretaker.

My wife (jokingly 😬) mentions that I have a heart of stone - the point being that it is tough to make me emotional about most things. And then decided that Rocket is the only one capable of it - I have to accept it to be true 😅


Loving it

So, working remotely, I'm able to spend quality time with Rocket 🐕

He lends a calming influence by:
🐶 Giving cute looks for treats
🤓 Demanding a belly rub
😳 Asking me to sit next to him

Remote work rocks 🤘🏼. I can't go back to an office now!

If you have become fully remote only recently, what has your experience been? Happy or sad?


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    I would say that having my dog within arms reach at all times is one of the best things! 

    If/When people go back to the office I think pets are going to go into depression! My dog loves the multiple mid-day walks and the random pets throughout the day. 


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      I would say that having my dog within arms reach at all times is one of the best things! 

      I can totally imagine! 😍

      Other than for general reasons, I really hope for your dog's sake, that your company doesn't go back to an in-office setup!

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      So are you selling Rocket? What's the discount? 🤣

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        Hahaha 😅

        Elon's Rockets might be cheaper than mine :). He is a total gem and is not leaving me! 😬

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        I'm so happy for Rocket! I think dogs are loving how people are working from home now. Cats not so much, they're mostly like... 'Can y'all just get out of my house for a while?' 😂


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          Hahaha, I can totally imagine. I was never a cat person, but I am slowly starting to love those weird creatures too 😅