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Hi folks! Chris here with Hyperinbox.

We’ve been working remotely for the past 2+ years—a team of 5, two timezones (Chicago CST and Seoul KST), 14-hour diff.

We struggled to use Slack as our main comms channel and other tools were even worse. Slack is too noisy and distracting. Half-life of a Slack message is an hour max. Might as well forget about it after an hour. So we looked for an alternative solution, but we couldn’t find a good solution that has:

- Thread-based communication (asynchronous)

- Inbox for users to achieve Inbox Zero (archive, snooze, etc.)

- Integrations with our tools (Gitlab, Github, and Figma)

- Keyboard shortcuts to get through notifications fast

We built Hyperinbox for Teams in 10 weeks, and we gave it to our friends, and they like it so much, now we’re on this full-time.




We’re looking for early private beta customers right now – it’s not free, but we can lock-in your beta pricing ($20/mo for up to 10 people) regardless of future pricing changes.

If this interests you, happy to chat/get you on our tool: go to and schedule a call with me? Also open to any product feedback!