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As soon as Barbados announced its 12-Month Welcome Stamp for remote workers, there was a huge surge in queries related to the internet speed and rentals for the Caribbean country.

Which got me wondering, what are the factors that go into consideration while picking an ideal remote working destination. πŸ€”

Property Prices: Property prices and rentals are hands down one of the first things that must be considered before packing your bags. Ideally, it should be within 1/3rd of your compensation. The accommodation must be in safe neighbourhood and also have good transportation facilities (P.S : Don't expect an Uber or a Lyft after a night out at Barbados :P)

Internet Speed: A fast internet connection makes it easy to connect with people and have seamless video conferences across borders, thus improving your cross-team collaboration. Large amounts of data can also be quickly shared and retrieved making you work more efficiently. Also, it’s important to find the broadband plan rates as some countries like Bermuda do charge as high as $130 per month.

Access to coffee shops & co-working spaces: Community hangout places like coffee shops and co-working spaces are a hub for remote workers and are great for quick introductions and meetups. Having access to these places are a great way to socialize with people and helps to avoid loneliness & stress while working alone.

Access to public services: Finally, choose cities that have a robust infrastructure in place, with a stable economy, good healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. You would have to cooperate well with the people in these places to make use of their services.

What are the other things that you look for while evaluating cities for working remotely?


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    Helpful post, Ashley. I think you have covered most of the essential factors. Would like to know what other digital nomads think of this as well :)

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      Great post Ashley. For someone who’s working remotely but is still required to join meetings with other teams, the timezone sync would also be important. Additionally, given the lack of privileges of a non-First World passport, the visa requirements would be something to check for.

      All this obviously assumes a scenario where mandatory quarantines and lack of flight options are a distant memory, otherwise that matters a lot more in the present context!