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Are pay-by-the-minute booths the future of work?

A Singapore-based firm has come up with a useful alternative when working from home is inconvenient.

Switch, a Singapore-based company is creating a new type of workspace - a pay-per-minute work desk. About 60 work booths like this are present in Singapore's shopping centers and they are planning to add more.

This would be perfect for workers looking for some sort of a middle ground between working at a co-working space and at Starbucks.

What do you think about these work booths?


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    At $3 an hour, I'd certainly consider working from one of these. Not sure if I'd make it a regular work spot, but if I was on-the-move and needed to squat for a few hours of work, this would do the trick. I like that they have bigger spaces for collaboration as well.

    PS I've always said that if Starbucks took equity in every startup that's been started, worked on in their coffeeshops, they'd probably make more money than via coffee 🤣

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      I think it would be great for people on the go. The only concern is that the booth looks tiny and I could imagine people feeling claustrophobic 😅

      Haha, yes, that would make Starbucks one of the best incubators for startups.

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      It's a tricky movement. I would say if it has to pre-book, I would prefer. Otherwise, if I go to the place and didn't find any pod available I will be wasting my time (in minutes).