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BP to tell 25,000 office staff to work from home two days a week

Oil company plans shift to flexible working as Covid restrictions begin to ease

BP, an oil & gas supermajor, is introducing a hybrid model of working that allows its employees to work from home, two days a week. It is the first time an oil and gas company has provided employees with the flexibility to work from home!

With the hybrid model, employees will work both in the office and remotely in a 60:40 split. It will be implemented across BPā€™s global network of offices for around 25,000 employees.

According to BP,Ā 

The new model ā€“ BP work/life ā€“ recognizes the value and importance of both. We believe it will offer individuals and teams a more flexible, engaging, and dynamic way of working.

In addition, the company will redesign its offices to support collaborative working and create a more flexible working environment. As part of the downsizing plan, BP also agreed to sell its headquarters in London.