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Async Offsite-in-a-Box by Voodle - Your free toolkit to rethink offsites for distributed teams | Product Hunt

Your friends at Voodle have flipped the script on what strategic offsites, creative brainstorming and team building can look like for distributed teams. Download this FREE toolkit to help kickstart your async offsite today.


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    Download our free toolkit. Support & comment on product hunt! Thank you so much Remote Clan Family!!!

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      This is really cool - thanks for sharing!

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        Thank you! Feedback welcome!

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        Just got my toolkit! 

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          Yay! would love to know what you think!

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          Congrats on building this Rachel - upvoted on PH :)

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            thank you!!

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            If you don't want to get this via product hunt, here is the direct link!! https://voodle.com/lp-offsite-in-a-box/