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Hi guys!
I'm Federico, currently leading Tagvenue Virtual team.

We are a Virtual Team building platform that would like to connect and bond the virtual team in a slightly different way than the others!

We are a very small group, so we did everything in-house mostly with friends and customers feedback, I'd like you to comment on the spot what do you think about our product (please feel free to join a demo whenever you wish) and I'll be happy to offer you a 10% discount with the code "remotetools".

Have a great day!



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    Hey Federico,

    It was very nice to hear that this product was built primarily by you and your friends. This is a very timely product, as tools like this will help boost team morale and keep them engaged during challenging times. Cheers!

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      Tagvenue looks amazing! I think it is a great product to have fun with team members. All around great work!