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For entities of any type either to be for-profit or a non-profit organization at a corner of cozy Tallinn, the COVID-19 pandemic is proved to be a tough, challenging, and importunate leadership examination. They are demanded to navigate the business from the stormy weather, but also take care of the whole organization sanity including staff, customers, and other stakeholders while steering the business for the new normal!

In such a difficult context, there is another task to promote "Diversity and Inclusion".

Did you know 49% of workers have witnessed or experienced discrimination in the workplace?

Did you know companies who embrace and promote diversity got 45% more profit above the average?

But what changes when it comes to remote work? 

How we can practice diversity and inclusion in a remote workspace?

How can we provide equal opportunities for all?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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    I believe it all starts with a clear vision and over-communicated SoPs in place and then it all goes to the way we hire and retain employees. Platforms are here play a significant role in unbiased the recruiting process and take it all upon data

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      Remote companies can recruit talent from nearly anywhere which expands the talent pool to reach diverse candidates. This creates opportunities for more inclusive hiring practices. 

      As more companies begin to promote diversity and inclusion, I believe the challenge will not just about increasing the ratio of diversity but also ensuring that the employees have a true sense of belonging and that their diverse perspective is welcome. 

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        Well said. However, having the luxury of hiring locationless does not bring diversity necessarily. It needs a regime and practices to promote the concept. 

        What those practices could be?


        *Note: Agreed with the importance of belongingness in employees and it may need to discuss it in a separate thread.  

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        Thanks for sharing this Pouya. Diversity and Inclusion are surely very relevant topics in the modern workplace.

        But I couldn't completely understand the issue you're talking about:

        1) Are you trying to say that remote working or the Covid-19 situation poses a bigger challenge when it comes to diversity & inclusion? I would love to read more about the stats around this. The numbers you've shared are generally for any workplace, right?


        2) Are you saying remote working provides the opportunity to be more inclusive/diverse and how we can improve given many companies are making the shift to remote?

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          Hey Hrishkesh- It is a statement on the importance of diversity in the workplace and a question in mind and request to share thoughts and their diversity practices in remote workplaces.


          Of course, it can be seen either as an opportunity or a threat at the same time depends on multiple factors underneath.

          What's your thought? 

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            Ah, alright. Got it.

            I believe remote by nature makes companies more inclusive. For example, given there isn't the constraint of being in office, companies can now hire who can't be in office. It's a boon for such individuals.

            @jennifer-aldrich is a stellar example & an advocate of remote work for people with chronic illness. Her story is absolutely inspiring!

            Another example is that you don't need people to stay back late in office and hence, there's no excuse to favour men over women just because they can spend more time in office.

            In many such ways, remote pushes companies to be better at diversity & inclusion. However, companies still need to be intentional about this else it's very easy to default to a poor workplace in terms of diversity & inclusion.