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As more companies allow for remote work, it's good to understand what employees actually want and miss.

As everyone got a taste of working remotely, a lot more attention got brought to these types of questions.


In my case, my biggest pains are:

1) Feeling part of the company and engaging with other employees

2) Having to pay for my own benefits (in my company, I need to get them myself)

3) Getting good wifi depending on where I am


What about yours?



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    The biggest pain for me in joining a remote team has been in building connection with my colleagues at work, especially in the early days 

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      Three of the biggest challenges I face when working remotely are 1.) getting a strong internet connection, 2.) being distracted, and 3.) not being able to interact with colleagues often.

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        The most annoying thing for me is checking Slack/Teams/Hipchat every 15 minutes. Because people can't tap me on the shoulder if they need something I need to proactively check they don't need me.

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          For me, it's definitely establishing boundaries between work time/personal time and managing not to mix both things.

          Like Sarah said, distraction is a problem too, and of course: internet connection issues (which I'm guessing it's universal lol) 😫

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            distraction, distraction & distraction 😄

            Especially, when you have a toddler.

            Working From Home With Toddlers

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              Haha, yes, so true!