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    Spent the entire weekend organizing everything. I still have a few hours of organization to finish up this weekend. Both digital and physical. Inbox zero is challenging.

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      @justin: Tell me about it. My house’s a mess and Inbox Zero is surely a task. I keep having unread mails attached to my TODOs :-(

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        haha, fortunately, I haven’t had such problems. This weekend I plan to do a 10km run. Let’s see how that goes!

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      Just signed up here. How do I change the profile picture? 😅

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        Hey Prithvi, glad to have you here.

        Currently, we fetch your profile picture from your gravatar account (attached to your email ID). So you will have to change it on gravatar.

        Upload functionality is on my Todo list :)

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          Cool. Thanks.

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        This is the first community I have ever joined. And its pretty amazing. If there would be a feature of knowing what is the designation of a person on their profile that would be much better. Because then you can connect to the people you found interesting but I know that sounds like a social media feature.

        What do you think?

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          Glad you like engaging here Uddeshya.

          Good point, we do have designation/company in user profile already. It's just not mandatory to fill at this point. We are incorporating better ways of capturing this information (e.g. while someone make a post or scraping their social profiles) but it will be some time till you see it in action :)

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            Hi Uddeshya, As Hrishikesh said we would be adding such features in the future. But for now, we have Linkedin urls on almost everyone’s profile page. So possibly that can still be a good way to connect?

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            Good day lovely people I hope you are all well!
            I am a Neurolanguage Coach and am looking to market my services online in Japan, I am based in South Africa. There is a very small market here and would need to market online completely. Do you have any advice on targeting the Japanese market? Thanks so much

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              Hey Kirsten,

              Welcome welcome :). Just read your background on your profile and loved the entire story!

              Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge of the Japanese market. I will try to reach out to others in my network and let you know in case I find anything useful.

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                Thanks so much for your reply! I’m so grateful!! I am not only targeting the Japanese market, if you have any advice about any other markets, I’d be so happy. Thanks so much!