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    Spent the entire weekend organizing everything. I still have a few hours of organization to finish up this weekend. Both digital and physical. Inbox zero is challenging.

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      @justin: Tell me about it. My house’s a mess and Inbox Zero is surely a task. I keep having unread mails attached to my TODOs :-(

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        haha, fortunately, I haven’t had such problems. This weekend I plan to do a 10km run. Let’s see how that goes!

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      Good day lovely people I hope you are all well!
      I am a Neurolanguage Coach and am looking to market my services online in Japan, I am based in South Africa. There is a very small market here and would need to market online completely. Do you have any advice on targeting the Japanese market? Thanks so much

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        Hey Kirsten,

        Welcome welcome :). Just read your background on your profile and loved the entire story!

        Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge of the Japanese market. I will try to reach out to others in my network and let you know in case I find anything useful.

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          Thanks so much for your reply! I’m so grateful!! I am not only targeting the Japanese market, if you have any advice about any other markets, I’d be so happy. Thanks so much!