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Hey everyone! 👋

How have some of you been celebrating with your teams, e.g. welcoming your summer intern or celebrating a teammate’s birthday?

I’ve seen teams going on Zoom happy hours, online games or trying out different platforms…how has that worked for you, and has the novelty worn off?

I’m currently working on a product, Teamo, a platform where teams can create lively, social group cards to celebrate one another (https://teamo.team) 🚀. Your feedback will help me a lot to improve our product!


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    Hey Alexandra, I just commented on the introductions thread too - I find the use case Teamo is solving really cool and important at the same time :)

    We just recently did an all-remote dance, recreating The Office Wedding Dance :P (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpJP0lfF6GM&feature=youtu.be). We were just celebrating each other’s efforts in these tough times!

    I was going to suggest that a slack plug-in for Teamo would be great, but I see that you already have that covered :).

    I also think that if there were a way to give a financial bonus, that would be great too. I am not sure if that is already possible, but I think that would add another dimension of recognition.

    I could imagine allocating some budget to each of my teammates. They can then award each other whenever they feel some recognition is deserved. The quantum of the award is sort of immaterial, but it is just the act - that’s the spirit that even Teamo is promoting, I guess :)

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. I just joined Teamo’s Beta!

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      Just got the chance to watch the video haha - how awesome! Love that teams are finding different ways to celebrate.

      Our Slack plugin would be for users to quickly share it with their coworkers of the same channel except for the intended recipient, so stay tuned! Great suggestion on the financial bonus - that’s definitely on our mind.

      Indeed, it’ll be great if each team member has some budget allocated to them so that he/she can gift their teammates without approval from team managers. With the trend of remote work, we hope that teams would adjust to that arrangement as well and promote the spirit of encouraging teammates for any occasion.

      Nevertheless, we would be making the pricing for each card affordable for any team member to initiate one!

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        Haha, thank you :)

        Sounds great Alexandra. The Slack plug-in would work very well to also remind and motivate individuals to give a card to someone. Maybe someone messages another person the most - suggest that they give them a gift card. So not only does it help in the execution but also the initiation.

        Looking forward to using it soon :)

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      Wow, this a real pain point Alexandra. In the past month we had a farewell and a birthday, and we usually surely have a Zoom call (or party if you would like to call it). Now, we ensure there isn’t chaos on the call since everyone wants to speak and at the same time, try to make it informal. But it isn’t perfect, plus there’s always the question of how you make it memorable.

      Teamo looks fantastic! I will surely give it a try and let you know how it goes :-)

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        Hey Alexandra. We are using Donut for weekly coffee chat and last Christmas we used https://www.pizzatime.xyz/ to enjoy a nice pizza pie all at the same time.

        I’m trying to push our remote culture forward and I discovered recently a remote escape room. It might be something we might consider in the future. Here’s the link: https://www.tryreason.com/moonshot/

        If you’re focusing on shooting “great work everyone”, I have tested https://joinassembly.com/ a couple of weeks ago but it’s didn’t work for us. It can be great for peer-to-peer recognition tho.

        Hope this help!

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          Wow, those are really interesting services! I know of an alternative to Assembly called HeyTaco (where the coins are tacos instead) - why didn’t Assembly work for your team?

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            It was an engagement problem. Not everyone was on board and they didn’t use the platform that much. It can work for you but you need to remind the team to use it I guess.