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Hello folks, 

Been a lurker here for a couple of months, and even though I have been lurking, I highly appreciate reading the articles posted, the discussions that have been going on, and last but not at all least, Hrishikesh updates straight into my inbox.

I work in HR, and remote work is close and dear to my heart. For several years I worked at Spotify, and now the last year, I've been working at Kry/Livi and being part of the team that has taken the 1000+ workforce fully remote. 

Besides lurking and working in HR, I also write a newsletter called FullStack HR, which mainly focuses heavily on remote work for obvious reasons. Feel free to drop by and shout feedback back at me. 

Happy to share learnings, answer HR questions, or whatever there might be curios to you! 


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    Welcome! Thanks for sharing - will check out your newsletter. We are interested in solving some remote-work specific challenges for teams - I'm guessing the insights in Fullstack HR will help!! 

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      I hope so! 

      Feel free to drop me an email should you need any further help, Rachel, always happy to help where I can. =) 

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      It's great to connect with you here. I'd love to connect you with Angela Howard, seems like you 2 would have lots to connect on. Lmk if you think a connection would be valuable.

      Check her out here.


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        Great to meet you, Johannes. The concept of DAO's for HR that you shared was very interesting. Wishing you the best!