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Top banks call back staff who are working abroad from holiday homes...



...while Dan objects to cutting remote employee pay at tech companies...



...as remote working forces people to opt for multigenerational households...



...and finally, Peep suggests an app to make text communication simpler!



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    A kind-of related side note: Was speaking with a friend who works for a multinational real estate company the other day; she mentioned to me that at this company, the verbally-communicated policy at the moment (at least at her office) is to come in to work and to not even think about WFH.

    Given the nature of the business they're in, she says she thinks most of the employees are at least outwardly understanding of the position - what does it say to the market when even a real estate company doesn't use their office spaces 😂 But I can imagine the people there are still to some degree internally concerned for their health.

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      Haha. My wife works for a multinational real estate company actually.

      Their deals have dried up a bit and they are largely working from home now. So their boss thinks the best way to utilize their time is to get about 24 people on a Zoom call and waste their time for 3 hours.

      It is like Michael Scott in The Office - there is no agenda and then suddenly she yells "conference room" (in her case "Zoom call") and everyone gets together and listens to whatever she has to say for hours on the clock 😂

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