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2020 was a year of breakthroughs for remote work, with tons of new products and features being released to help facilitate the shift. We take a quick overview of some interesting product announcements and launches that are bound to shape the future of work.


Together Mode and Virtual Commute

Microsoft took on Zoom, with a set of great innovations. Together Mode and Virtual Commute are some of the most awaited features that are planned for release in 2021. Virtual Commute will encourage users to set goals and reflect at the start and end of each day. While, Together Mode will impart the impression of communicating in a shared space, reducing video chat fatigue. Both of these features will contribute to a positive work environment and help increase productivity for remote workers.


Products that stood out

Hey by Basecamp, is a privacy-focused email client that was launched to help people regain control of their inbox. People are increasingly turning to privacy-focused products to break-free from the clutches of big-tech and Hey clearly solves a pertinent problem. Hey’s screener feature attracted the attention of tech lovers. It allows only approved contacts and declutters your inbox by keeping separate inboxes for newsletters, etc.

Who said video calls are boring? Mmhmm makes video communication more fun and expressive. It is a video presentation app that is specifically built for remote working. Mmhmm lets you superimpose a resizable version of yourself over photos, videos, and slides and share a live feed of all that into video calls. Plus, there are fun effects like Jedi hologram filters and Big Hand mode to spice up non-business calls too. 


Unexpected pandemic winner

Zoom has literally become a verb overnight, which explains how much we rely on it for video conferencing. It has amassed millions of new subscribers and continues to ride the work from home wave. Zoom recently introduced features to strengthen its current position. The most notable one is launching Zoom Apps or Zapps. It allows you to integrate with platforms like Dropbox, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc without ever leaving Zoom's interface. 

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