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What tools do you rely on for your remote communication between your teams? 


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    Hey Amogh, 
    My organization mostly uses MS Teams, and we generally have audio calls with screensharing. I think it works quite well for us, but it still gets the work done without having to show our pretty faces to each other! 😂

    But on a serious note, I think Notion should be used by everyone, as it is a brilliant productivity tool while also helping people keep track of things! Other than this, for communication, MS Teams has pretty everything needed to communicate with colleagues! 

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      That is great 
      So we are building a pretty innovative solution 
      Why not check out the product it is still in early beta 
      Here is the link
      You will find the product demo as well 
      and I hope to have feedback from you 

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        Talkie looks awesome! But I would love to hear more about how an organization would be able to leverage it. 

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      In addition to work, do you guys also use Zoom for team celebrations? (coworker birthday, promotion, farewell, project success etc )

      Do you feel fatigue with those events too or is it just the work meetings that feel like a drag?

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        Shameless promotion: use short async video when a real-time zoom conversation might not be needed (like!!

        We use Zoom for our critical weekly kick off and weekly wrap up meetings as well as 1-1 connections and meetings with vendors.

        We have transitioned things like daily stand-up and creative ideation capture to async video. That way everyone has a voice but on their time and in their own way.

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          Hey Among, I want to share what we do at RootLo, I think it might resonate a lot with what you are thinking and experiencnig at the moment:

          RootLo is an app helping companies to humanize remote work. We provide communities and services for their employees, so companies can easily learn how to communicate and improve the future experiences of their teams.

          How we do it: an async collaboration app with social media experience and ecosystem with services and like minded in every location your workforce is distributed. Think of us like Slack with a facebook vibe and Yelp for remote workers. 

          If you want to check the enterprise version please find a slot of time in this calendar 

          We also have a free B2C platfom - for this one think on us like a Facebook+Yelp for remote workers, for free. Get access from here: 

          More than happy to answer any comments or doubts.