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Have you been a fan of Slack and Microsoft teams? As 7/10 people working in the USA are on Slack or Microsoft team or Google Suite. And if we talk about the world data it is almost the same.

I have been too. And I know you have been too! As we are introduced to a corporate and business world where everything is managed digitally and we have different software for each task and a software for that task management. So,we naturally go with what people in the world are using.ย 

I think we should develop the habit of researching for the things we have to take action for. And if we do that then every person will use a different tool in their organization. (just a assumption)

The same is with the Slack and Microsoft teams. I am not a hater of Slack or MS Team neither is this promotional post but I found Mattermost more productive for Corporate industries and tech industries. Why? Because it's built with that intention and not everybody will fit on it. I think that's why it is underrated and have not been so famous.

A company like SAP uses it and if you are the owner of a product based company you should try switching to it Mattermost is a modern, digital workspace that will help you be more productive in your day-to-day work life.

Another advantage is that it's open-source.๐ŸŽ‰

Mattermost is an open core platform that is supported by a vibrant open source community with 600 integrations and counting. Using an open-core platform allows your development teams to build high-performance workflows for DevOps, ChatOps, conversational development, and continuous deployment while maintaining complete code auditability and control over the serviceโ€™s technical roadmap.
An open core platform means your team retains control over the serviceโ€™s technical roadmap and your team is free to develop additional features without restriction.

Also if privacy matters to you most then it's the best option. As they compared themselves to Slack and elaborate on privacy terms that they have the ability to run a collaboration system without any third party knowing operations, user locations, IP addresses, or unique identifiers.

If we talk about Microsoft and Google Suite they are in another league and have their different advantages. I would say the utilization of a tool truly depends upon the organization team members and as a tech enthusiast I would prefer not to hesitate to try a new tool or software or any tech product just look into that how you can get more benefit from it.

If you have another suggestions other than mattermost then please let me know.๐Ÿ˜€


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    Quite an interesting suggestion. I browsed through the website & it seems Mattermost primarily targets enterprise clients? But looks like they also have a free plan upto 10 users.

    I am trying to understand what's the biggest advantage of moving to Mattermost. Privacy as you said could be an advantage compared to Slack but I am guessing the differentiator here is that it's an all-in-one platform for developers. Also saw the page where they have written about how Mattermost & MS Teams can actually work together.

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      First of all thanks @cathyt for appreciation. The biggest advantage which I think is that mattermost is open source and you can customize it according to your needs. Beside this they have lots of Saas services based on clouds which are very useful. And another cool solution they provide is their remote services.

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      Anyone have any experience integrating with Mattermost? How are their APIs?

      For Kitemaker right now we integrate to Slack and Discord. Would be interesting to see how hard Mattermost is to integrate with.