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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a multi-part series from my blog on the subject of improving your home office.

I hope you enjoy them, and I would love to hear about additional suggestions and ways youโ€™ve improved your home office for remote work.


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    Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing these series from your blog. I liked how you gave preferences to minor aspects such as lighting and climate control which are usually ignored by most remote workers, including me. Subscribed right away!

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      This is an amazing set of posts Kevin! I really like how practical your suggestions are. Thank you for sharing this :-)

      A quick question - Does Shopify provide for the WFH setup? Curious to know if companies are reimbursing or pushing for a proper home office setup.

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        Glad you enjoyed the series!

        As for your quick question. Outside of the provided laptop/monitor, we were given a $1000 stipend to help transition to work from home when quarantining started.

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          Oh thatโ€™s quite cool!