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Uber extends work from home policy through mid-September – TechCrunch

Uber today notified employees that it will extend its work from home policy through September 13. “In considering the extension, we took into account the latest scientific data and experts’ views; the fact that different countries are at different stages of recovery; and the start of the scho…

Uber has extended its work-from-home policy for its employees till September 13. Just like its Silicon Valley peers Facebook and Google, Uber is also planning to switch to a hybrid model of work.

Uber Chief People Officer, Nikki Krishnamurthy said 

Post-COVID, Uber will likely have a hybrid work model, but it’s still a work in progress.

Further, Uber encourages its employees to get vaccinated as some roles require a physical presence in the office, but said that it will not force anyone with medical concerns.

But as of now, the company is still assessing whether being in office increases or reduces productivity, collaboration, and engagement.


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    Hybrid may not be the best way forward but it's at least a positive step. I heard Amazon is also considering permanent hybrid and they have been consistently sharing surveys internally to assess how employees feel about working remotely & their preferences post Covid.

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      Well said, Hrishikesh.

      Came across a blog by Darren about the considerations for going hybrid remote. Would be helpful for the community :)