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Atlassian says its employees only need to come into the office 4 times a year under its new 'Team Anywhere' policy

Atlassian will let its employees work from anywhere, the $80 billion Australian tech giant has announced, representing its commitment to remote work well after the pandemic demands it.

As part of its new ‘Team Anywhere’ policy, Atlassian allows 5,700 of its global employees to work from anywhere in the world. 

As long as the company has a legal entity in a country and the time zones are aligned with the team, its employees can work remotely permanently.

But based on internal surveys, most employees plan to attend in person 50% of the time.

The company only expects its employees to visit the office around four times a year, majorly for events such as work conferences.

While the company will still maintain its physical offices, it plans to create smaller co-working hubs near to where employees live.

Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar, who has only been in the office just three times over the past year, said.

“Talent still exists anywhere it just doesn’t happen to need to exist within 50 kilometres of an existing office,"

He also said hybrid remote is not the best way forward

“I think a lot of companies that are just doing it two days a week, they’re going to really struggle because they are not going to attract or retain talent, and I think they’ll end up going back to the old way because it’s inertia,” 

What do you think of this new policy by Atlassian?


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    I like it. Seems like a good pathways forward.

    We don't know what optimized hybrid looks like yet but my hunch is it'll look very much like what Atlassian are executing.

    So remote first to support efficient work from anywhere with opportunities to opt in to onsite work... which will look like remote work, even when onsite.

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      I think that the metric of "days per week" doesn't capture the bigger picture. Forward-looking companies like Atlassian are not measuring in this unit but instead looking at the bigger picture of how often per-year or per-quarter employees need to be at a physical office.



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        This is good news. But unfortunate to hear that 50% of the employees would like to come to the offices.

        It is very likely that this is due to employees working at home during a pandemic and would need a change of environment.