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More people are working remotely than ever before. This has caused many to reconsider their living arrangements, sometimes leading to an exit from big-city living to a new location in search of more space, better weather or greater access to nature.

Here is a list of some countries that decided to capitalize on the opportunity by offering remote work visas to help attract those who can do their job from their laptop.


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    Thanks for sharing this detailed list, Hanadi 🙌
    Also, I just saw that Dubai has also introduced a remote work visa and I am hopeful that many more cities will come up with such programs to attract remote workers.

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      you're welcome Cathy and yes indeed Dubai is joining the club... I'm sure many more will too

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      Pretty cool link - I had lost track of those... now I catched up :-)


      Another great resource is NomadList - you can find detailed info about cities in it.

      For example, you can also filter cities by your remote work-related criteria over here:

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