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Hey everyone,

Found this update interesting.

There have been a flurry of 'hybrid' remote schemes proposed recently. Things like being in the office Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The jarring thing for me is that after nearly a decade of working in remote teams no person/team has ever actually done this. Some people go into an office all the time, others work from home the vast majority of the time.

Has anybody ever worked on (or seen) a real team working this way? With WFH 2-3 days a week?


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    Rick back in 2018 I worked at a startup that allowed remote workers to schedule WFH days 2-3 times a week. This was usually in the case that you weren't feeling too well, had stuff to do at home, or couldn't make it to the office on time.Β 

    Many people would take a WFH day at least once a week and then in the winter two times a week. It seemed to work and now that organization is remote-first based on that experience.

    It definitely was an amount of freedom that I wasn't used to but certainly enjoyed. Now, I think it should have to be a request but always an option for anyone. I think as more organizations adopt a hybrid model, they will see remote just makes more sense and default to remote first.Β 

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      That's interesting. I'm pleased it ended well, even if it was just a stepping stone to remote-first. Hopefully that will be the majority of experiences for others now.

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      I worked a corporate job half-time in the office and a few other employees with long commutes did the same.Β 

      We had skype so you could see who was active if someone wanted to big-brother me and we had email/chat/video conference.Β 

      Reluctance for remote work is generally a management issue in my experience. Lack of trust in workers and lack of agreed-upon outcomes. If you have agreed upon outcomes and they're not being met, then intervene. If someone is regularly unsuccessful at home, send them to GoGoDone or Focus Bubbles and help them learn to self-manage. ;)

      There will be some folks who can't work at home due to resources, family members also at home and possibly some safety issues if there's drug use/domestic violence (more common than you think). But if the employee wants to work from home and save commute time and pollution, make it happen!